Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What I know about Foster Parenting

A friend of mine just dropped a message on Facebook asking 'Why are you up so late?'

The short answer is, I'm trying to stay on schedule.  I work nights during the week, and everything just holds up better if I keep my sleep schedule even. I think there's even enough science out there that most folks accept it as common knowledge.

Logically, it follows to ask, 'Why aren't you at work?'


I took the day off, so my wife and I could go to an orientation for potential Foster Parents.  We're thinking about welcoming some little ones into our home.

My very best friends in the universe got involved in the program in another state. I was around to see them have kids every now and again, and, to be quite honest, I just plain didn't get it. I understand kids in need and all of that, but... I just didn't see why they would put themselves through the hassle of dealing with, quite honestly, someone else's problems.

My wife and I visited once, and they happened to have a little girl at the time.  She was nine years old or so, and... I connected with her. I just felt like she was a really, really, great kid, and I didn't mind spending time with her at all. Geez, I wanted to take her home with me.

I've seen a tremendous amount of pain and suffering since then. Comparatively speaking, the world has become a pretty dark place in my eyes because of the experiences I've had.  It'll be a process, I know, and a hard one at that, but...  I'm pretty sure there are a couple of little ones out there that need a place to be away from that kind of thing.

We are looking for eventual adoption. I don't want to trade kids in and out forever - it may be a way to do a lot of good, but my soul isn't strong enough for that anymore. We want to find a couple of kids  and help them to make their way through the world in safety.

*Grin* We want to be parents.

So...  It's definitely a one thing leads to another sort of a thing, but that's what I'm doing up so late.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm going to issue a little disclaimer on this week's episode of 'About Last Night' - *Grin* Parental Discretion is advised...  Take a minute...  Live a story.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I've been binge watching 'Shameless'.  I know I posted about it before.

And, for the most part, it is ridiculous and completely un-redeeming.

Except for Fiona (yes, it's still Emmy Rossum's character).

She's the only one that makes sense. A kid, thrown in over her head, trying as best as she can to take care of things and stumbling along the way...  95% of the show is ridiculous, but that other 5% is a true commentary on people.

That's a phrase my friend Mr. Brown used to use, but I took it to be the highest praise of a story possible.

I find myself watching, waiting to see her 'win'. *Grin* I watched 'House M.D.' for seven seasons waiting to see if his character found redemption.

Hugh Laurie isn't nearly as pretty as Emmy Rossum :-)

Friday, August 12, 2016

I let the next episode of 'About Last Night' drop on the website.

Because two people can't keep a secret.

Take a minute...  Live a Story.



I've been around trucks of one sort or another most of my life.  Big ones, little ones, new ones, clean ones... Learning how to handle one was a lot of lessons.  Those lessons changed my life.  I put one up on my website - have a look.

Take a minute. Live a Story...
'Sandwich' Flash Fiction

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's be honest...

The trouble with the internet, is, if you're smart, you'll never put everything you know, think, or feel up there.  Too many eyes are looking (even if you think they aren't), so...  You always have to hold something in reserve.

Today, that's a good deal, because there's certainly been plenty going on.

I actually try to cultivate the appearance of being a bit of a buffoon. It seems like I naturally have two basic personality traits - a little bit crazy, or a little bit mean. The little bit crazy is definitely more 'user friendly', so I try to roll with it whenever I can.  It makes people more comfortable.

The thing is, when it comes down to actual business, I guess I have a third gear - Completely Focused. The problem with completely focused is every single thing matters.  All of it. Every word, every problem, every single thing that happens during 'completely focused' gets filed in my brain, catalogued, played, replayed, dissected, replayed, over and over again. It's not very often that 'completely focused' weighs on anybody but me.

I idolized 'Captain Kirk' in Star Trek II. Admittedly, he'd gotten his ass kicked by Khan. No question about it. There he is, marooned forever in the middle of Regula I. Everybody, including me, thought he'd been bested, and that's when his plans clicked into place and he was off to the races to save the day.

Admittedly, I don't think people believe I am anywhere near bottomed out. But...  I think today will one day go down in the history of my life as the day when the plans all clicked together. I think this might well be the day that people are, one day, a little surprised about.

This is where Captain Kirk crunched down on his apple, gave a smug little smile, and said, "I don't like to lose."


Me neither.

P.S. World...  Always remember...  The little bit crazy is cultivated. I'm actually sane, and completely focused, and I'll say it again.  I don't like to lose.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jamey Johnson

Spent a few minutes listening to some music before bed.  They say you should study great story tellers to learn how to tell a great story.  Well, personally, I think Jamey's got it figured out.


About Last Night Episode 7

The latest episode of my Flash-Fiction serial has dropped on my website. Take a Minute.  Live a Story...http://www.ticoproject.net/writing/flashfiction/aboutlastnight7.pdf

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


So... Shameless has hit Netflix. I know about the series because I've been a fan of Emmy Rossum ever since 'The Day After Tomorrow', which I've probably seen 700 times (I also kinda dig the post-apocalyptic thing). She was in 'You're not You', with Hillary Swank, which was also not a bad flick (but definitely a different story). When I got into Instagram, she became one of the 365 people I presently follow, and I suppose that's where I made the connection with Shameless.

And, Wow...  This show is a really tough watch.

Something really revolting happens, and I'm ready to shut it off, since it shows an absolute lack of redeeming qualities. And then something funny happens, or something goes right for somebody, and I decide to give it a little more time. I suppose that's what makes it a good story - the roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Speaking of emotion, I have to admit, most of the actors in this show are a tad-bit flat. Let's be honest, it's not supposed to be masterpiece theatre - I know that. And then something bad happens to Fiona (Emmy Rossum's character) and she ends up crying, and I think...  Wow...  I really do need to learn to add some emotion to my stories.

As a little aside, I wrote a book once.  It was a bad book for several reasons, and I'm the first to admit no one SHOULD ever read it.  One of the bigger mistakes I made was my main character never won. I spent the entire book watching the world beat on her, and she never got the chance to come out on top.  *Grin* That actually doesn't make for a fun story at all. My character(s) was also, to be honest, flat.

I'm the first to admit I need to read more, but there's nothing wrong with watching T.V. to pick up a story (and unwind a bit). The funny thing is, there are a lot of stories out there I can't connect with at all. I used to despise being forced to sit through a soap opera. After several seasons, 'The Good Wife' wasn't so good anymore and got left behind. 'Mcleods Daughter's' couldn't hang on either...

Why?  The story gave up.