Sunday, October 30, 2016

Well, I don't really know the answer to that.

It's been an interesting weekend.  Perhaps, not the most fulfilling, but interesting nonetheless. It has kind of centered around hosting a young guest. We kept a toddler for some friends while they had a date-night on Saturday night. I'm far from comfortable with little kids, but I have to admit, I tried hard to help things to work out. I have to admit, little people are generally my kind of crazy - we get on well enough, and this one was particularly well behaved.

I spend a lot of time awake these days while my wife is asleep.  It's just a function of our opposing work schedules, and not the first time I've had to live my life a little 'off of the map' for a bit while hers remained more normal. I'll admit, I spend a substantial amount of time watching television, but I do, from time to time try to do some more useful things.

Probably of greater import, I've been working through a mountain of paperwork in the midst of applying to the foster parent program here with my wife.  All in all, it's not going to be a very fun process to get approved, if my guess is right. I feel like I had a reasonable childhood, but in reality, some bad things happened.  In other words, I'll have a lot of explaining to do, if my guess is right.

As an aside, I will say this.  If people were required to take the classes, fill out the paperwork, and submit to the various inspections we have thus far, I'm quite certain there would be fewer foster children in need of help in the first place.

In the midst of these things plus a more or less regular job, I've come to realize the first rewrite of my novel is nearing completion. I'm not a big planner, which was completely evident to anyone that read the first incarnation of my story. I ended up trashing 80% or more of it in the rewrite, and I'd imagine I'll need to trash 70% of the rewrite when it is done, but I have improved.

People say that's the whole point.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Antelope week 2

So...  For once, I'm going to drop the coy disguises, and throw an episode of Flash Fiction up right here.  Sure, it's on my website, but here, I'm giving it a picture, too... So, without further adieu, here's week 2 of 'Antelope'.

            Helping mother deliver her calf wasn’t a problem. What came after was another matter entirely. Home was out of the question – it was too far to go this late in the day. He could camp here. He had a bedroll and enough food to get by.  The calf was the problem. The little guy wasn’t doing too well in the snow.
            Cal made his decision. The calf hardly struggled when he scooped him up and put him across Tiny’s back just behind the saddle. He climbed into the saddle and started a slow trek farther up the river bottom with mother following protectively behind her baby.
            Cal sang. He started with a song Dad had taught him about cowboys and buffalo. It wasn’t long before he ran out of words, but he did his best to keep up with a melody even if it was the wrong one.
            The noise was important. He hoped it would let any bears in the neighborhood know he was coming. Coyotes and wildcats wouldn’t be likely to bother him. If surprised, bears could be a problem.
            He was relieved when he smelled smoke in the air. He was just plain happy when the woods opened up to reveal a big cabin with a smaller shack out behind it. The flicker of firelight in the window was unmistakable.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Flash fiction is back!!!

Hey everybody!

I enjoyed writing my flash fiction season of 'About Last Night' so much I was sorry to see it end. I worked on a few other projects and let my mind ruminate on where I wanted to tell another story, and I've settled on 'Antelope'.

My family history is awesome. I know far more about my Dad's side of the family, and on that end we come from cowboys, ranchers, and...  *Grin* Maybe not the most reputable folk quite all of the time, but...  It's inspired me to dip my toe into a new series.  This story well be a Western, hopefully just a good old fashioned adventure and story of how it might have been.

For those of you who fell in love with Sam Maxwell (and my eternal thanks goes out to my readers - I know you were there) he'll be back.  I set this up kind of like your favorite T.V. show.  It comes in a season, and, like all good things, it comes to an end.  But, it comes back!!!

Anyways, I'd be thrilled if you'd look in on this new adventure with me. Here's the link if you'd be willing to have a look. Take a minute...  Live a story.