Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who Needs Sleep? ANWAY???

Trying to tell a story without any explanation is what writing is all about, but... I have concerns that my recent flash-fiction series is just a little too...  Out there...  So, I wanted to discuss it a little more. I believe in the concept. I believe in the story. I just think there are some people that might benefit from more explanation, so...  Here that is.

I came up with this concept a long time ago. I wanted to explore what it would be like for a teenager to know, with complete certainty, how a sizable portion of the rest of his life will transpire. This will obviously require some type of time-travel, and I decided that he would travel within his own body. Whenever he went to sleep as a teenager, he'd wake up as his future 'self', and vise-versa. Either way, he remembers whatever went on.

When you stop and think about the concept, it's sort of amazing. At least in the case of this first season, he's 'living' out adult days about twelve years on down the road. As an example, the 'boy' Jordan sees the adult woman he hasn't met yet, but knows what day it's going to happen, who it will be, and how he'll feel about her - even how her lips will feel when he kisses her.

Gift or burden?

He'll see other things, as well. He'll see his job, he'll see that he has people in his life that care about him, and he might even meet an enemy or two. And at the ripe old age of fifteen, he'll deal with knowing what the next half of his life looks like.

One other hint, I'm trying to use either pink or white flowers in the posts that announce the releases to reflect whether it's a 'young' or 'adult'. If the picture has pink flowers, he's a kid, and white flowers reflect the jump forward.

I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions, and I hope you'll continue to Take a Minute and Live a Story.  Here's the link to the episodes if you want to have another look and/or catch up.


  1. Sadly, all that is going through my head after that explanation is "Criss Cross will make you Jump Jump!"
    It's not you. ;) Your explanation was fine. And the story will be yours. However, you have seen the movie ABOUT TIME? Bill Nighy is in it, along with Rachel McAdams. Time travel is very in vogue right now. Making History is not as good unless you just want very light comedy with fart jokes, but it's time travel on TV now, too.

  2. Arghh... I don't want to be En Vogue... I'm happier to be off of the bandwagon :-)